San Andreas Public Safety

"Saving Lives One Day at a Time"

Application Information

  First, you must register for this site. Then you are required to fill out an application form, which there will be a link posted below to become a full SAPS member. After submitting your application, 2 of our top members will look over your application and decide weather or not you are given a position as a SAPS employee. If accepted, you will receive a message on Xbox Live from SAPS HR to confirm they have accepted your application. Next you will go through a brief interview with 1 or 2 members of SAPS. Before you can start training, you will have to read the SAPS Operating Procedures. Next you are required to participate in our SAPS CPAT Test, it is an obstacle course designed to test your online abilities as a firefighter. It is a pass/fail course. Once completed, you will automatically be placed at a probationary status. After training is completed, you will officially become a Full SAPS Member! The more patrols/shifts you do as either FD or EMS. The higher ranking you will achieve

     Make sure to check your email, your Xbox live account, or check the site for any updates or messages regarding SAPS. We want to try and stay in contact with all members. If you do not, you may miss out on important training. If you have inactivity for a long period of time, you may be disciplined or kicked from the clan.You will also want to contact one of the training officers so that we can set up your training time.


                                                                 APPLICATIONS CLOSED UNTIL

                                RECRUIT CLASS 101 COMPLETED


Codes We Use

10-4:      OK

10-7:      Out of Service (To get weapons, armor, bathroom break, actual emergency call)

10-8:      In Service

10-9:      Repeat Last Transmission

10-20:    Location

10-22:    Disregard

10-23:    Arrived at Scene

10-29:    Records/Wanted Check

10-33:    EMERGENCY/Responding as fast as possible

10-43:    Information

10-50:    Motor Vehicle Accident

10-76:    En-route to Location

Code 1:  No assistance needed at this time

Code 2:  Urgent, Unit needed no lights and sirens 

Code 3:  Very Urgent, Multiple Units need Lights and sirens

Code 4:  Situation over, no more assistance needed


Before you are able to start training, you must first read over our SAPS Operating Procedures. It gives you a brief overview of how you would pull someone over, how you would patrol, etc.

General Rules:

1. If you are wishing to play online with the SAPS Team. You have to be a member and have passed the application process.

2. If you are a modder, you will not be allowed to play in our clan. Modding is against SAPS policies.

3. You must obey your superior officers commands.

4. DO NOT leave the patrol area. If you do you will be warned. If it happens a second time, further action may be taken by superior officers.

5. Please DO NOT mess around or get too out of control while on patrol but also try to have as much fun as possible.

6. Weapons in general are not to be used while preparing for a patrol or during. The only time you may is if you are a Civilian Fire Starter.

     *If you are caught with or using any of these weapons without permission, there may be disciplinary action or even a possible kick from the clan if it becomes a habit.

7. Everyone participating is to be as realistic as possible while playing online in a patrol (yield at red lights, obey speed limit, not hit pedestrians, etc.)


*General rules are subject to change at anytime.


Here is a simple and easy picture of the all 5 of the Standard Uniforms.

LSFD Uniform:

Shirt - Charcoal T-Shirt w/ Emblem on Front

Pants - Hawthorn Cargo Pants

Boots - Black Boots

LSFD Beach Uniform

Shirt - White V Neck T-Shirt w/ Emblem on Front

Shorts - Red Chinos

Shoes - All-White Athletic Shoes

LS EMS Uniform:

Shirt - Blue Tucked

Pants - Navy Cargo Pants

Boots - Black Boots

LSFD Special Ops/Haz-Mat Uniform:

Coming Soon!!!

Here are the SAPS Standard Operating Procedures. Please read over them very well.


     1. Standard Patrol Operation: When a patrol is beginning, there will be a designated Crook and Commanding Officer. After this is done, Officers need to pick up their gear and patrol car which will be located at either the police station or other designated area. When everyone is set and ready, Dispatch will let the crook leader know and the patrol will begin.


     Officers will obey traffic laws and be professional. If you are an Officer, DO NOT RDP "Red Dot Profiling". It can get you kicked out of the clan. Also BE REALISTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not for example: Shoot someone for a basic traffic violation, Speed all the time, Drive around with your siren on all the time, etc. You get the idea. But most of all we want you to just have fun.


     2. Civilian Operating Procedure: We want you to have fun and drive the streets of Los Santos/Paleto Bay/Sandy Shores. Its up to you if you would like to commit crimes or not. Please DO NOT pick up high powered weapons, explosive, or armor. You can commit any type of crime you would like as long as its not completely out of control and off the wall. If you are too out of control you may receive a warning, suspension, or even be kicked from the clan. 


     Please be as realistic as possible. We want you to vary your crimes and make high profile crimes sparse. You are permitted to drive any vehicle you would like other than any Police Units, Helicopters, Fire Trucks, or Ambulances unless approved by clan leaders. If you do happen to get arrested for some sort of crime. Licenses can be suspended or revoked for a certain period of time. Depending on the Officers decision.  


     3. Standard Traffic Stop Procedure: The first thing you are going to do is when you see a crime being committed is to report the crime to Dispatch giving your Unit #, Location, Nature of Crime, and whether or not you need assistance. Then you are going to activate your lights and pull over the suspect if he is in a car. Or confront the suspect if he is on foot. After having the suspect stopped, you will first want to turn off your lights/siren due to it not turning off when you are out of the car.


     If the suspect is in a vehicle, you will approach the vehicle from the passenger side window. If the suspect is on foot, you will approach the suspect from a safe position. Next ask the suspect for their gamertag and also run the license plate on the car stopped. Once you have this info, you contact dispatch and ask for a 10-29 "Warrants/Records check". Dispatch will then radio back with their information. Then the Officer will make a decision on what he wants to do.This section will also be covered in your officer training.


      4. Code 3 Emergency Procedure: If a Code 3 Situation is announced. All Officers on patrol are to respond 10-33 to that location. All Officers are to take positions around the perimeter until otherwise instructed by the incident commander "highest ranked Officer on scene". Officers are not to open fire unless fired upon or instructed to. A Code 3 situation will remain until Code 4 is announced.

     7. Crook/Civilian Guidelines:

       A. Follow Game Rules.

       B. You may not drive fire trucks/cop cars/ambulances at anytime during a patrol unless

            authorized by the leaders of SAPS.

       C. You may not fly a helicopter at anytime during a patrol unless

            authorized by the leaders of SAPS.

       D. If an officer says "your cuffed", you may not move, pull a weapon, shoot, or run away

            from the officer.

       E. Be Realistic.

       F. You may not wear Armor at any time.

       G. HAVE FUN!!!


*The guidelines are subject to change at anytime.